Throwback Thursday

ah yes definitely a throwback that is a wee bittersweet. Moving house (again) and decided it was time to cull and downsize things a little.

I have a massive plan drawer that is full of work from university and beyond and have already filled two recycle bins full of works on paper that didn’t make my critical eye cut.

This is one that I kept, ironic as the whole premise of my university days was impermanence and the idea of using materials that weren’t made to last.

Well, they lasted – and I am quietly surprised that I still like some of the work.

One is this-

One of my many life drawings and one I kept.

Another lot I am keeping are these-

Reminding me of the monumental paintings that came from these studies.

I do like that the textures I have made / learned how to make have carried over into my vastly changed perspective and type of work that I am doing.

I’ll have to revisit myself in another 20 years and see where I’m at.

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