week 10 -pattern

Well, this was one of those ones that I thought would be easy, repetition, style, something I could knock off in a few hours. Turns out, not so easy. I just couldn’t find the right image, pace and headspace to do this. At the last minute (literally, I did it yesterday, just before the changeover into week 11).

Very simple but has a lot of sentimental attachment. This pattern followed me through art school via a very great friend of mine.  It appeared so often in her work, was such an integral part of what she was doing at the time, that it became a symbol for her and, of her, for me. I still think it is one of the most deceptively simple yet complex images I have come across and has so many meanings attached to it.  I can’t pretent to know them all, I always knew it as a greek pattern symbolic of water/waves. It still has that strong symbolism for me now.