Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

26 February 2014 52 week illustration challege

week 9 – tree #illo52weeks

I really enjoyed doing this one, perhaps a little dark (read heavy handed with the watercolor), but am already working on another.


19 Feb 2014

#illo52weeks  week 8 – crosshatching

elephant grooming

Also playing a  little catch up with week 7 with watercolor.  I worked over the watercolor with ink. I think I would like to do the girl and boat image again in another medium too.

ocean boat

13 Feb 2014

#illo52weeks Week 7- Watercolor

I went through a looot of images and played around with lots of things but in the end, I  ended up with something fairly simple.

muuuuum, do I HAVE to wear this??!

6 Feb 2014

#illo52weeks  Week 6- Machinery

This was a hard one in terms of trying to lighten the image that I wanted to do- seems pen lent itself quite well to this kind of imagery, but it did get a bit heavy. Trying to lighten it by making it a bit playful. Still considering adding color.


At the same time I was working on a more lighthearted one-


29 Jan 2014

#illo52weeks  Week 5- Flower

I had loads of fun doing this one. Still more in the works but I liked this one best.


#illo52weeks  Week 4- Selfie


16 Jan 2014

#illo52weeks  Week 3- Caravan

I had a bit of trouble with this one. I envisioned a caravan of people moving along but I didn’t like what was coming out of my pen. When I saw what others were putting up as their ‘caravan’ most had chosen to go with an actual caravan and showed me another way of looking at it and interpreting it.


#illo52weeks  9 Jan 2014

Happy New Year! To start off 2014, I have joined the 52 week Illustration challenge where I endeavour to do a themed illustration every week. I missed the first week but week 2’s theme is kids.

This was a really fast study of my daughter in one of her quieter moments-


4 Dec 2013

The Curly family

curly familycurly fam2curly fam1

26 Sep 2013

I have finished the latest illustrations I have been working on and am still in drawing mode which is a great thing!  Sometimes I feel a little burnt out but this time round I feel like the sky is the limit and there’s just so much possibility.

Today my youngest daughter did the funniest thing and I made a mental note to sketch it out once she had gone to bed, this is the result 😉

fruit box

18 Sep 2013

It’s been a while since I have updated anything but have been working on a new set of illustrations that I’m really enjoying doing!

I have had a longer time to work on them so I feel like there is more of me in them than perhaps some other images.

Here’s a sample of what I have been working on-

Keep an eye out in the near future for the book!

11 June 2013

I have been working on some illustrations for a book these past few months and am pleased to say that they are finally finished.

The book in question is a story called  The Worst Case of Pasketti-itis by Kris Asselin and published by 4RV publishing.

Here is the cover and some images from the book.

Pasketti-itis - 5 x 8 - cover wrap - 9780988961708-Perfect.indd



You can buy this book via