Forgotten Friday is back!

Finally back on track with various things and realised I haven’t done any these for a while.

This is from a book called Many Colored Coats by Penny Lockwood.

Was a lovely time working on a different way to represent forest or woods besides your bog standard brown for trees, green for leaves scenario.

fox Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki


Throwback and catchup

Poor blog- lots of things happening but you have been superceded (slightly) by my Instagram @luinjapan where I have been putting lots of fun things on.

I have recently finished a reader for Macmillan Publishing. Was awesome and great fun to do but can’t really share as it’s all secrety until it’s published.

Missing Pinky by Juliet Williams and illustrated by Moi and published by IpKidz is gettting closer to launch- should be sometime in August and will update when I have a firm date (see previous post).

ohh did something super fun- I assisted in a bag making workshop at Geelong Grammar last week and met some awesome students and helped them make gorgeous bags designed by Nicola Cerini.

Nicola ran the workshop and used her awesome original hand designed and printed materials and everyone succeeded in making a great and quirky bag to take home.


Was a great few days there and refreshed my sewing skills as well as gave me some inspiration for some awesome textures. Looking forward to doing it again next year!


seriously where has the time gone?!

I last posted in January, it’s March…….I seriously don’t know where the time has gone!  I have been a little distracted by my youngest starting school, myself starting uni again and realising it wasn’t for me and a whole lot of other stuff that goes on in families…actually, now I can see how so much time has passed.

I have been doing more illustration. Correct that- continuing illustrating for a few different publishers and as soon as I dive back into it, it is like putting on a familiar comfy pair of shoes, or wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanky..utter happiness.

Here are a few things I have been working on..


These are for a series exploring child behaviour and environmental concerns…


missing pinky samples pg 6

This is for an upcoming book by Juliet Williams- I absolutely loved working on this, I hope there is a sequel!